Ayurvedic Postpartum Doula 

A minimum of 16hrs is required to initiate service. Includes one 45min prenatal visit. Each visit is a 4 hour minimum, any additional hours can be bought individually. Special packages and bundled hours are available at discounted rates.

1hr (4hr min per visit)*………………………………….$60 p/h

(All services provided by the doula are non-medical)

  • ayurvedic meal preparation

  • unlimited lactation cookies + custom blended teas + nourishing broths

  • access to health specialists + educational resources

  • Infant soothing skills 

  • coping skills for new parents

  • breastfeeding support and instruction

  • companionship

  • non judgmental emotional support

  • help with the care of other siblings

  • cesarean birth recovery tools + support

  • making appropriate referrals when necessary

  • running errands/ grocery shopping

  • light housekeeping

  • customized ayurvedic new mother wellness kit- blended teas, body oils + more

  • ayurvedic baby massage instruction

  • ayurvedic self abhayanga/ massage instruction

  • essential oil consultations + gentle touch w/ stress-reducing essential oils

  • sitz bath preparations

  • baby wearing support

  • belly binding

  • accompanying mother and infant to doctor appointments

  • cooking lessons

  • household product detox + diy natural cleaners

  • meditation + grounding support

The Ayurvedic Postpartum Meal Plan

“Nourishing Meals For Healthy Transitions”

New mothers deserve the proper nourishment postpartum so that they can have time to recover and adjust to their new roles and life’s transitions. Ayurvedic postpartum meals are healthy, warm, grounding and most importantly easy to digest so that your body has time to regain balance. All of the meals are made with love, are breastfeeding friendly, and customized to your individual needs

I provide a complimentary in-home consultation to discuss your dietary needs, health history, preferences, and to get familiar with your kitchen equipment.  Each week I will send you your menu for the upcoming week. If you would like to make any changes or have any special requests, I ask that you do so within 24hrs after receiving the menu.On your scheduled cooking day/s, I will bring the groceries to your home, and will then prepare all of your meals, package, label, and store them to be enjoyed at your convenience. Upon leaving for the day, I make sure that your kitchen is as tidy as I found it. If you would like I can provide a set of glassware storage containers for you to keep at an additional fee

Payment for the first 4 cooking sessions are due at the time of the initial visit, payments for additional sessions are to be paid at least one week in advance or can be offered in bundles. Additional fees my apply depending on location+ transportation. 

Meal Plans include the following:

  • free consult includes- Ayurvedic constitution, health History + your unique grocery list ($200 value)

  • weekly customized Ayurvedic menu

  • custom meals + blended teas prepared at your home

  • organic + locally sourced ingredients when available

  • cooking lessons + demos

1/2 week of meals (one day of cooking) + groceries* …………………………………………………$325

1 week of meals (two day’s of cooking) + groceries *…………………………………………………….$650                       

Sample Meal Plan

sample meals copy.jpg

+ all ingredients are local and or organic+

*items can be made gluten free, vegan, substitutions are available upon request*