Mary A Whitlock is an NYC based Doula + Certified Health Coach + Ayurvedic Chef specializing in Ayurvedic Wellness + Postpartum Care. Her philosophy is that a healthy foundation is a catalyst for a healthier future. 

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Mary was highly recommended to me by a mutual acquaintance. I have a toddler and knew I would need assistance balancing my newborn’s needs with those of my toddler and myself. Mary was a tremendous help in this regard. She helped me get my daughter ready for daycare and also assisted in bringing her there and picking her up. (I ended up having an emergency C section, so this was especially helpful in my situation.) My daughter loved Mary and looked forward to her arrival every morning. In addition to helping care for myself and my children, Mary also introduced me to Ayurveda and cooked nutritious meals for me. This was especially helpful as I recovered from mastitis. Even as a second time mom, I would not have been able to adequately care for myself and my children without Mary’s help during the first eight weeks postpartum. She was an absolute blessing and I would highly recommend her to any new mom. I honestly cant imagine a better postpartum doula.
— Christina, NY Civil Senior Court Attorney
Mary was a supportive, calming energy that was essential to my birth experience. Mary listened attentively to my husband and my wishes, needs, and concerns prior to birth and we established a safe, trusting and organic relationship early on. Mary attuned to my needs throughout my birth and worked seamlessly with my husband to provide the support I needed. She integrated my needs into the hospital environment. I felt completely supported by Mary throughout my birth, I would highly recommend her as a birth doula and am so thankful we had her.
— Jessie, NYC Drama Therapist and Psychotherapist
I feel incredibly blessed to have had Mary’s help during the fourth trimester. She came in and whipped our apartment into shape and created coherence during our state of new parent chaos. Her advice and knowledge was invaluable. It’s hard to describe how nice it was to have someone to regroup with each day.
Mary’s meals are incredible. When you are a new mom, exhausted and recovering from childbirth, breastfeeding for the first time, you want nourishing, healthy, plentiful meals. You want home cooked food rather than take out, but you and your partner are too brain dead to cook! Mary came each day and made the most nutritious meals for us, enough to last us til the next day. My midwife wanted me to eat a lot of iron rich foods, particularly liver (yuck!) and Mary found a way to make liver yummy, cooking it into stir fries and making delicious toast snacks with it. She alternated this with healthy vegetarian Ayurvedic cuisine that nourished my soul. She is really quite an accomplished chef and it is rare to find someone who has both the doula knowledge and the cooking skills. I feel really fortune to have had access to both. I know that I would have felt incredibly physically depleted without Mary’s cooking. She helped nourish me and my baby in this way.
I will also say that the headspace you are in after having a baby is often pretty strange. There were days that I had a hard time being social. Mary intuitively understood. She gave me space to rest when I needed, but was there to offer support and companionship when I needed that.
We loved Mary so much that we actually rehired her at 7 weeks after trying to go it alone for a few weeks. My husband was working 20 hour days, our apartment was a mess, our son was going through a big fussy phase, and I was subsisting off of oatmeal and eggs. We needed help again and Mary made it happen for us. She came back that week and stayed on for a few more weeks to see us through a rocky period. I was so grateful.
This type of postpartum care should be standard for new moms. I am so grateful that Mary was a part of my journey and I highly, highly recommend her to anyone who is having a baby!
— Genevieve, NY Meditation Instructor
Our families loved her! Mary’s knowledge, understanding and sensitivity to the unique needs and difficulties faced by Mammas and families in the antenatal, perinatal and the postpartum period make her an amazing doula! I know that she will be an amazing resource in her community, and Moms and families will be lucky to have her as a Postpartum Doula!
— Dr. Vijaya Krishnan, CPM, DT LCCE FACCE Co-founder and Director Healthy Mother The Sanctum Natural Birth Center Hyderabad, India 
I would recommend people to Mary if they need a gentle guide through the first steps of motherhood. Having Mary around was invaluable and she helped me find my feet as a new Mom in a truly kind and loving way.
— Jillian NYC Restaurateur + Entrepreneur
I approached Mary because I was looking for holistic ways to deal with stress and anxiety. Mary introduced me to Ayurveda and helped me to identify ways to overcome these feeling that were starting to hold me back. After a short assessment, Mary identified trends and provided gentle guidance on things that I could do to help improve my mental and physical wellbeing. With Mary’s help, I began to incorporate different techniques that ranged from eating, meditation, massage, herbal supplements and spices, exercise and essential oils. I’ve seen a remarkable improvement in my mental state since working with Mary. Instead of feeling stressed and exhausted all the time, I’m learning to relax and work with a clear, strong mind. I couldn’t have done this without Mary’s patient, loving and concentrated care. I highly recommend her support and services to anyone dealing with similar issues or just looking for a sense of peace. I feel very fortunate to know and work with Mary.
— Julie, Principal Director of North  America Advisor Relations at Mercer
Mary is deeply intuitive and calming to be around. Our family always appreciated her company; she radiates positive energy! After having our 2nd child I finally understood why they say it takes a village.. I felt so fortunate to have Mary’s encouragement and support at that time- she always made it feel manageable and helped ground us. I would highly recommend her to any moms to be. She will help restore balance and serenity to you and your home.
— Nadia, Co-Founder and Producer/ Sister Productions